Improve the security of your Elastix with Anti-Hacker module. Anti-Hacker module protects your server and... More

Aptus FonB

Aptus FonB is an essential, easy to use and affordable mobility solution for all Elastix users. It is designed to help... More

Call Center

CallCenter addon is a basic implementation of an administrator for a call center. A group of... More

Call Center Pro

Elastix© Call Center PRO is a powerful, robust, flexible, and easy to use solution designed for automation and... More

Call Center Suite

DialApplet Call Center Suite is a complete solution to manage Call Center's and... More

Channel Khomp

The Channel Khomp along with its KWebPortal provide a user-friendly web interface for... More


This great tool allows developers to quickly create and integrate Elastix modules whithin the web... More

Distributed DialPlan

With Distributed DialPlan, discovering and sharing the dialplan between one or more Elastix servers... More


The EasyVPN module is an addon that will allow you to create a Virtual Private Network in easy, quick and intuitive way... More

Elastix High Availability

Elastix High Availability is a solution designed for companies that require continuity of its services at all times.... More

Elastix WebShell

Elastix WebShell is an html5 application emulating a ssh client via a web based iPERFEX-modified ShellInABox... More


With FOP2 for Elastix you can see detailed PBX activity, like who's talking and to whom, call... More

Humbug Analytics

Humbug Analytics for Elastix is an in depth telecom analytics and fraud prevention and... More


Kommunicator is a desktop client built for Elastix. It provides a full integration... More

Mango Analytics

The perfect open source solution for keeping in check your company's telephone bill... More

Monitoring Services

With Elastix Monitoring Services, you'll know in anytime about the changes of the performance of your server and you'll allow... More

MyVPN Client

MyVPN Client is a free addon for creating secure tunnels to your other servers or ISP using OpenVPN technologies.... More

MyVPN Server

MyVPN Server is a native module for Elastix that implements virtual private network (VPN)... More


OrderlyStats is a complete call center management and reporting solution for Elastix. This intuitive... More


Orkestal is a desktop terminal operator specially developed for Receptionists, Secretaries and Heads... More


The PBXMate constantly monitors the calls and when a quality issue is detected, for example... More


Queuemetrics is a comprehensive monitoring software for call centers based on Asterisk, now... More


RoomX gives Elastix users a complete and intuitive solution for the administration of rooms... More

SURiX Access

Surix ACL is a complementary application to Elastix for access control in buildings such as offices, housing... More


SimmBook is a complete system to keep all the agenda contacts of your company in one... More


SimmRate gives you control over your organization's telephony expenses in real time allowing you to... More

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant is an application for smart phones that performs efficient call routing to a user over an Elastix Unified Communications Server... More


SmartFink is a powerfull asterisk desktop monitoring and managing application. The SmartFink lets you... More


Easy to use business CRM, designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales... More


This addon will allow the configuration of one or multiple video or network cameras... More

VoIP Provider

This addon allows simple set of SIP and IAX trunks with VoIP providers. It is used to communicate... More


VtigerCRM is an Open Source CRM software mainly for medium and small businesses. VtigerCRM leverages... More

Web Conference

With Web Conference addon, you will have real-time web conferences, text chats and documents... More

WebRTC Agent Console

The WebRTC Agent Console is an addon that allows you to have a phone and a chat... More

bSmart Calls Disconnector

Helps to disconnect active conversations visually. When conversation freeze but actually not used... More

bSmart Voice Manager

Helps to install additional Voice sound packs for Asterisk.... More


Automate your calls and VoIP campaigns. Simple and Effective.... More

irVoice SMS

The SMS Addon connects to different GSM interfaces (cards/gateways/dongles) and allows the generation of SMS campaigns in few steps.... More